Feelin’ safe and snug on Linux while the Windows world burns? Stop that

The ransomware problems reported by The Reg over the past few weeks are enough to make you, er, wanna cry. Yet all that’s happened is that known issues with Windows machines – desktop and server – have now come to everyone’s attention and the bandwidth out of Microsoft’s Windows Update servers has likely increased a bit relative to the previous few weeks.

But there’s more to life than Windows XP and the day-to-day computing landscape consists of a rich sediment of accumulated and inherited non-Windows operating systems. And my fiver says that only a tiny minority of you have leapt into action and rushed to update these particular systems in the wake of WannaCry.

What exactly are we talking about? According to netmarketshare.com the non-Windows market share is about 10 per cent – 2 per cent of which is Linux and 3.6 per cent macOS. In the server world the story’s not dissimilar: looking this time at some data from Spiceworks, about 12 per cent of servers run non-Windows OSs, with RHEL at 1.2 per cent and various other Linuxes making up 10.5 per cent. The core server Linuxes aside from RHEL are Ubuntu, SUSE, CentOS, Debian and Oracle Linux.

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