A lack of cybersecurity funding and expertise threatens U.S. infrastructure

Most leaders in infrastructure-related industries take cyber risk seriously, but their public sector counterparts need to start addressing vulnerabilities with more urgency. Many experts and pundits are already pressuring lawmakers and regulators to take more decisive action across all of our physical systems. Despite this pressure, there are a number of obstacles that need to be addressed alongside the implementation of new policies.

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4 telecom companies form a cybersecurity alliance. What will the impact be?

Telecom alliance

The four telecom companies – Singapore’s Singtel, Japan’s Softbank, United Arab Emirates’ Etisalat and Spain’s Telefonica – are creating the Global Telco Security Alliance. The alliance members say they expect to share intelligence on cyber threats and leverage their global reach, assets and cybersecurity capabilities to serve customers worldwide.

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Why router-based attacks could be the next big trend in cybersecurity

-Routers have recognizable flaws that are subject to penetration. Open vulnerabilities must be recognized in our cybersecurity efforts.

Routers are high value targets for attacks. Given the position routers play in normal network operations,
the ability to utilize these devices in man-in-the-middle attacks is extremely attractive for attackers.
Considering the multitude of models router vendors produce — and the difficulty of supporting and updating so
many devices — the relative insecurity of routers (particularly devices intended for home or home office use)
makes these devices low hanging fruit for hackers.

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Top cyber security certifications: Which certs do you need?

Are you wondering what certs you may need to pursue a career in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity jobs are requiring candidates to obtain and maintain certifications in the industry.
The following article goes into further detail on which cert to focus on.

Two of the most common questions i’m asked are, “Is having a computer security certification
helpful in getting a job or starting a career in computer security?, and if so, “Which certification
should someone get?” The answer to the first question is a definite yes. Getting a certification, while
not a cumulative showing of your entire experience and knowledge in a particular area, can only help you.

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Cybersecurity engineering: A new academic discipline

Cybersecurity analyst’s are among the top paid in the industry

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics,
the median pay in 2018 for a cybersecurity analyst is likely to reach well
over $100,000.

With 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs expected to open by 2021, employers
will continue to seek out prospective job candidates from technical schools
and undergraduate programs to fill them.

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Cybersecurity Drills more important than ever for Data Centers

In the middle of a disaster is the worst possible time to discover that the backups won’t
load, the cloud service provider can’t be reached, the firewall has a leak, and the one guy
with all the key passwords is at a no-phones-allowed yoga retreat.

In a disaster, people panic. Lines of communication break down. People forget what they’re
supposed to do, make mistakes because they’re in a rush, or just hide and hope that the problem
goes away. Disaster preparedness plans go out of date quickly as people move around and as
infrastructure is reconfigured.

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