Cybersecurity Drills more important than ever for Data Centers

In the middle of a disaster is the worst possible time to discover that the backups won’t
load, the cloud service provider can’t be reached, the firewall has a leak, and the one guy
with all the key passwords is at a no-phones-allowed yoga retreat.

In a disaster, people panic. Lines of communication break down. People forget what they’re
supposed to do, make mistakes because they’re in a rush, or just hide and hope that the problem
goes away. Disaster preparedness plans go out of date quickly as people move around and as
infrastructure is reconfigured.

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4 steps to creating a winning cybersecurity strategy in 2018

Emerging security operations, automation, compliance and response solutions perform dynamic scans that cover the entire stack including user access, application, data, docker containers, operating system and the AWS cloud. They further provide a platform with the ability to generate and produce compliance reports required by HIPAA, FedRAMP, GDPR and NIST security standards as well as proactive incident response to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of digital assets.

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Unfilled cybersecurity jobs in San Diego prompt more cooperation between industry, local colleges

In San Diego, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command – a division of the U.S. Defense Department
known as SPAWAR — employs 3,390 cyber security workers, according to the analysis by the economic development corporation.

That’s nearly half of the 7,620 total jobs in the region, with the 4,230 not working at SPAWAR sprinkled
across 104 private firms that include ESET, LP3-SecurIT, Security on Demand and iNetwork.

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Three Cybersecurity Lessons From Atlanta

On March 22, Atlanta’s city government was hit with a ransomware attack, with hackers demanding
six bitcoins in exchange for releasing the data. At the time of writing this, that’s a demand for
roughly $41,880.

As a result of the attack, many systems in Atlanta are offline. Some of the city’s services have
been forced to return to the “pen and paper” method of operation.

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3 Ways to Recruit and Retain Cybersecurity Resources

Demand for security professionals is outstripping supply. Last year, the US employed over three quarters of a million people in these positions, with approximately 350,000 jobs going unfulfilled. It’s estimated that unfilled positions will exceed 3.5 million by 2021. Katie Tierney, Senior Director of Global Sales Engineering, White Hat Security shares a few ways to recruit and retain the necessary skills in your organization.

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72% of cybersecurity pros say hiring video gamers could fix the IT skills gap

Overall, 72% of cybersecurity pros surveyed said hiring experienced video gamers in the IT department would be a good way to plug the cyber skills gap.

Gamification—or the concept of applying the elements of game playing to non-game activities—is growing as a tool used in cybersecurity, the report noted. Many companies hold gamification exercises like hackathons, red team-blue team, and bug bounty programs, and almost all (96%) who use these techniques report seeing benefits.

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Only 1% of media companies are ‘very confident’ in their cybersecurity

Media organizations experienced a number of security breaches with a wide range of attack vectors, the report found. The top security breaches media organizations reported facing were SQL injections (23%), DNS attacks (21%), pirated content (20%), and DDoS attacks (17%). Other cybersecurity attacks reported included account hacks, website defacement, and cross-site scripting.

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