CYF4®– Enveloc provides Backup, Archive and Drive Imaging.  For more information please contact our Technical Sales Team at

CYF4®– Enveloc Remote Backup Government Cloud Edition for LAPTOPS and WORKSTATIONS Part Numbers & Pricing

CYF4®– Enveloc Remote Backup Government Cloud Edition for LARGE STORAGE SERVERS (500GB+) Features & Pricing

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CYF4®– Enveloc Backup

  • Backs up automatically – Runs whether the User remembers to run it or not.
  • AES 256bit encryption of backup sets prior to transmission – FIPS 1402 algorithm provides compliant security.
  • Proven, highspeed, secure transmission process.
  • Redundant, geographically separate backup server – 100% availability of backup sets.
  • Availability of up to 125 versions of each file looking back a year or more.
  • Object level Outlook and Exchange – Incredibly fast mail/calendar/contact backups which can be restored at the object, folder, mailbox or system level.
  • LocalRemote/NASRemote – Local copy of backups protects against common causes of data loss and speeds recovery. Offsite copy guarantees availability against any eventuality.
  • Multiple launch options Use the timer application, timer service, Windows Task Scheduler, or a command line. WireBacks and Drive Images can be launched individually.
  • Custom Now Backup – User may select files or folders for an immediate adhoc backup which typically takes only seconds.
  • Programs to Run – Specify third party programs to run as separate processes.  May be set to run before backup, between compression and transmission phase, or after backup.

CYF4®– Enveloc WireBack Archive

  • Snapshots of particular files or folders with specified expiration date – Expanded backup functionality offering additional copies of critical files or folders.
  • Scheduling independent of file and folder backup – Sufficient versions to suit any need.
  • Each WireBack job may be configured with its own set of rules: all files, new or changed only, individual files, entire folders, and custom exclusions.
  • Multiple jobs with varying schedules and expirations can be created for any data set.
  • Scheduling for each job can be set from once per hour (or less) to once per year.
  • WireBacks can also be directed to any destination in addition to or in lieu of the remote servers.

CYF4®– Enveloc Drive Imaging

  • Drive Images to local drives – Complete recovery in case of disk crash, malware.
  • Built with Microsoft backup engine – Guaranteed compatibility.
  • Customized after production – May be installed on dissimilar hardware.
  • Universal – Can be temporarily attached for file recovery or permanently installed as a bare metal restore.
  • DiskAppear and EnvelocSwap – Target USB attached drive is hidden before and after backup on an Operating System and Hardware level. Multiple target media maybe utilized for offsite redundancy by specifying “Swap.”
  • Drive Image jobs may be scheduled on the same basis as WireBacks and may also be called from a command line.
  • After the initial image subsequent images are incremental updates which require much less time.
  • If the target drive has sufficient space, two images may be written and updated in rotation.