The CYF4® Security Platform provides the ultimate protection in modern-day cyber security.  Our platform has been assembled from solutions that have been field-tested and proven reliable. Please contact us at to contact our Technical Sales Team and explore our solutions in-depth.

CYF4® Core Components

CYF4®– Enveloc Backup

  • Backs up automatically – Runs whether the User remembers to run it or not.
  • AES 256bit encryption of backup sets prior to transmission – FIPS 1402 algorithm provides compliant security.
  • Proven, highspeed, secure transmission process.
  • Redundant, geographically separate backup server – 100% availability of backup sets.
  • Availability of up to 125 versions of each file looking back a year or more.
  • Object level Outlook and Exchange – Incredibly fast mail/calendar/contact backups which can be restored at the object, folder, mailbox or system level.
  • LocalRemote/NASRemote – Local copy of backups protects against common causes of data loss and speeds recovery. Offsite copy guarantees availability against any eventuality.
  • Multiple launch options Use the timer application, timer service, Windows Task Scheduler, or a command line. WireBacks and Drive Images can be launched individually.
  • Custom Now Backup – User may select files or folders for an immediate adhoc backup which typically takes only seconds.
  • Programs to Run – Specify third party programs to run as separate processes.  May be set to run before backup, between compression and transmission phase, or after backup.

CYF4®– Enveloc WireBack Archive

  • Snapshots of particular files or folders with specified expiration date – Expanded backup functionality offering additional copies of critical files or folders.
  • Scheduling independent of file and folder backup – Sufficient versions to suit any need.
  • Each WireBack job may be configured with its own set of rules: all files, new or changed only, individual files, entire folders, and custom exclusions.
  • Multiple jobs with varying schedules and expirations can be created for any data set.
  • Scheduling for each job can be set from once per hour (or less) to once per year.
  • WireBacks can also be directed to any destination in addition to or in lieu of the remote servers.

CYF4®– Enveloc Drive Imaging

  • Drive Images to local drives – Complete recovery in case of disk crash, malware.
  • Built with Microsoft backup engine – Guaranteed compatibility.
  • Customized after production – May be installed on dissimilar hardware.
  • Universal – Can be temporarily attached for file recovery or permanently installed as a bare metal restore.
  • DiskAppear and EnvelocSwap – Target USB attached drive is hidden before and after backup on an Operating System and Hardware level. Multiple target media maybe utilized for offsite redundancy by specifying “Swap.”
  • Drive Image jobs may be scheduled on the same basis as WireBacks and may also be called from a command line.
  • After the initial image subsequent images are incremental updates which require much less time.
  • If the target drive has sufficient space, two images may be written and updated in rotation.

CYF4® Analytics

  • Consolidated dashboards
  • Discover how your customers, employees and contractors are using your network
  • Hunt threats both actively & passively
  • Prioritize threats
  • Discover network devices – eliminate blind spots on your network
  • Reduce exposure & loss

CYF4® Malware Protection

  • Kill malware…before it ever hits your machines. Malware never executes so your endpoint computers stay protected.
  • Artificial intelligence (machine learning) is used to predict the behavior of any unknown processes and prevent malcious processes from executing.
  • Prevent system and memory-based attacks, malicious documents, zero-day malware, privilege escalations, scripts and potentially unwanted programs.
  • Protect your systems  with less than 1% of CPU.

CYF4® Whitelisting

  • Prohibit installation of unapproved software and block execution of any unknown processes.
  • Ensure that users will not be able to download and/or use programs that have not been deemed appropriate for use.

CYF4® Data Loss Prevention

  • Prevent loss for files in-use (endpoint actions), in-motion (network traffic), and at-rest (data storage).
  • Prevent data loss that occurs when authorized parties either intentionally or unintentionally copy or transmit sensitive data.
  • Discover and classify your files to prevent leaks.

CYF4® Reporting

  • Reporting may be tailored to your specific requirements for auditing compliance and a wide range of industry standard report formats.

Netlinkz® Virtual Services Platform (VSP):

The Virtual Segmentation Platform (VSP) segregates an existing network from all other internal and external networks with a broad range of virtual network services. This takes DMZ security to new heights for on-premise and cloud networks.

The Netlinkz® VSP includes a wide range of multi-tenant aware proxies, gateways and emulated network services that are securely integrated into a single software platform. Additionally, the VSP is an administration tool for Device LinkUp, Network LinkUp and the Workspace Suite.  Access the VSP from any connected device.

Netlinkz® Network LinkUP:

Network LinkUp connects the Virtual Segmentation Platform to your networks. Network LinkUp establishes a secure connection between the VSP and a remote network. Our partners are using LaunchPad to establish “security zones” in cloud environments and seamlessly connecting them to on-premise and/or other cloud networks using Netlinkz® Network LinkUp.

Netlinkz® Device LinkUP:

Connect all your devices. The network perimeter has changed to the point it must remain isolated from all other internal and external networks and their affiliated devices. Therefore, regardless of its location, any device connecting to a network needs to do so with network segregation in mind.

Netlinkz® Device LinkUp is the container for an array of computer and mobile devices. Once installed, the container ensures a device securely connects to any given network via Network LinkUp and/or the VSP. Additional security features include encryption at rest and in transit, multi factor authentication and remote retrieving of application data.

Netlinkz® VPNLP:

MORE SECURE THAN VPN. Enables provisioning of VLANs over both private and public networks using software alone. Traditional VPN services (e.g. IPsec, SSL) have significant risks. For example, they have an easily detectable critical end-point and don’t isolate network machines by default. These and other risks including circumvention of the DMZ security layer make it impossible to include traditional VPN services in any network, including the LaunchPad.

Netlinkz® VPNLP establishes an encrypted Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) over a multi peer-to-peer (P2P) connection framework.  VPNLP’s strength is the ability to easily create layered tunnels (VLANs) between computer devices and networks using software only. This new form of VPN secure connectivity obfuscates the true identity and location of the virtual network across private and public networks like the Internet.

 Netlinkz® DesktopLP

Our customers are using DesktopLP to provide remote desktop services across all devices for their customers all while supporting concurrent connections.

There are many ways to provision remote desktop connection capabilities. However, most product offerings inherit a degree of cost, complexity, poor performance, deployment issues and/or security vulnerabilities.

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading experts to create a fast, easy to use and highly scalable remote desktop solution with enterprise-level security.

Netlinkz® DesktopLP facilitates remote desktop services (RDP, SSH and VNC) across a wide range of computers and mobile devices. Additionally, Desktop LP supports concurrent connections via gateway services to ensure network isolation for on-premise and remote location usage.

Netlinkz® ProxyLP

ProxyLP removes direct exposure of primary systems. Modern business practices demand users to have local and mobile access to email, web sites, web applications, data and files. Many companies use Microsoft-based or Citrix XenApp servers. The problem is other primary business services (e.g. Exchange and Terminal Services) are often directly exposed to the Internet though firewall port address mapping.

Netlinkz® ProxyLP includes a number of proxy services integrated with multi factor authentication and certificate management tools. It ensures web services are never directly exposed to internal and external networks. Cost and complexity is significantly reduced when activating multifactor authentication and single server certificates to protect entire network servers.