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The CYF4® Security Platform is an integrated and adaptive solution providing cutting edge protection in cybersecurity to your current environment. Customers are able to select products that keep their current environment secure rather than risking the potential failure of moving to a new system entirely.

CYF4® Philosophy

As an IT professional, you know what works for you. You have spent considerable time and effort to determine the best products for your environment. Your environment works; you know your network and you're comfortable with it. You want a cyber security solution to work with your existing technology, not replace it.

Vendor agnostic & standards based:

The CYF4® Security Platform is an integrated solution of products that are vendor agnostic and standards based. The platform is intentionally designed to be modular, so that industry standards can be integrated based on customer needs. This means the CYF4® platform can be tailored to almost any environment, regardless of how detailed or advanced an organization’s security position is. We can be the last 10% you need, or provide a complete end-to-end security solution. Your IT staff doesn’t need to learn new operating systems, redesign or re-engineer your environment.

Cutting-edge technologies to provide an additional layer against attacks:

The CYF4® Platform’s goal is to provide cutting-edge solutions that easily integrate with existing technology. This modular licensing model allows you to get the additional defense layers you need. CYF4® uses new technologies to stop new attacks. Attacks such as zero-day viruses, ransomware or government-state malware need new technologies and methodologies to provide actual defense.

Give control of the environment to the people who should have it:

When originally designed, the personal computer and the internet were built on an open architecture without concern for security. The more open the system, the more efficiently data can be transferred and computed. This original open design has directly contributed to the security issues we see today across all platforms. As Virginia Tech historian Janet Abbate said, “They thought they were building a classroom, and it turned into a bank”. CYF4® turns your classroom security into bank security. With CYF4® know who has access to the vault, know when they access it, see how they access it and see where they access it from, in real time.

CYF4® Enveloc

CYF4®– Enveloc announces the Government Cloud Edition of CYF4®– Enveloc Remote Backup: storage in the FedRamp approved Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. By installing our special edition, backups created with CYF4®– Enveloc are securely transmitted using SSH protocol to CYF4®– Enveloc’s server in the Azure Government Cloud.

• Backup, Archive & Disk Imaging

• Backs up automatically – runs whether a user remembers to or not

• AES 256bit encryption of backup sets prior to transmission

• FIPS 1402 algorithm provides compliant security

• Proven, highspeed, secure transmission process

• Redundant, geographically separate backup server – 100% availability of backup sets

More CYF4® – Enveloc Information

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