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The CYF4® Security Platform is an integrated and adaptive solution providing cutting edge protection in cybersecurity to your current environment. Customers are able to select products that keep their current environment secure rather than risking the potential failure of moving to a new system entirely.

CYF4® Enveloc

CYF4®– Enveloc announces the Government Cloud Edition of CYF4®– Enveloc Remote Backup: storage in the FedRamp approved Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. By installing our special edition, backups created with CYF4®– Enveloc are securely transmitted using SSH protocol to CYF4®– Enveloc’s server in the Azure Government Cloud.

• Backup, Archive & Disk Imaging

• Backs up automatically – runs whether a user remembers to or not

• AES 256bit encryption of backup sets prior to transmission

• FIPS 1402 algorithm provides compliant security

• Proven, highspeed, secure transmission process

• Redundant, geographically separate backup server – 100% availability of backup sets

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CYF4®- Enveloc Remote Backup Government Cloud Edition for LAPTOPS and WORKSTATIONS Part Numbers & Pricing

CYF4®- Enveloc Remote Backup Government Cloud Edition for LARGE STORAGE SERVERS (500GB+) Features & Pricing

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